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Regular events of the Hermetic Academy take place in the cities of Vienna, Graz, Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Bonn.

LECTURE: The path of Hermeticism — protection against the epidemic of existential angst

Despite scientific achievements and a higher standard of living in today’s Western societies, the epidemic of existential angst is proliferating increasingly throughout the population. This deep-rooted fear, to which more and more people fall victim, is expressed through many painful symptoms such as:

fear of
… challenges of the material world
… financial doom
… ruin and poverty
… deterioration of life situation
… the future
… powerlessness
… weakness
… loneliness
… failure in society
… dying.

In his presentation, Dr. Elias Rubenstein illuminates the roots of existential angst and briefly explains the path of hermeticism, which is based on profound self-knowledge and understanding of the pivotal questions of human existence. This millennia-old established and stable path offers man a safe tower of strength in a surge of worries. In the Hermetic Academy, the path of hermeticism is specifically adapted to people living in modern Western cultures and provides answers to the fundamental questions of life.

The path of hermeticism holds the potential to
… master the challenges of life safely
… realize spiritual and material prosperity
… become rooted in your own inner strength
… recognize the potential of today
… face the future in a positive way
… gain control of your own living conditions
… lead a self-determined life
… be connected to a strong community
… realize the purpose of life
… be a role model for other people.

Language: German
Registration: Tickets (€ 29,-)



04.12.2018 in Vienna (ticket order coming soon)