Death is coming – Be prepared

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Death Is Coming – Be Prepared

A. Wolf (2015)

Don’t waste your life chasing ephemeral life goals. This life with this physical body is just one of many lives. Each time, your soul incarnates in a physical body for experiencing further rectifications.

This life that you live right now with this physical body will come to an end. It could be in 50 years, or it could be within the next 10 minutes. No matter how much you seemingly have achieved in this life — in this material world — it will come to an end. All forms are evanescent.

Are you afraid of death? If so, don’t waste any second longer in ignorance. Start studying the ancient mysteries and inject some wisdom into your thinking.

You are not afraid of death? You very well ought to be — because everything you cling to will vanish. Your body, your thoughts, your feelings, your complete inner and outer world will cease to exist, because only that what exists beyond the form is immortal. Yet, you still have to pay for your deeds before that. You will be judged and then vanish.

For ages Mystery Schools (such as in ancient Egypt) have kept the wisdom of mankind’s true nature and path of evolution. Up until today this wisdom has been passed on in a continuous chain of Masters and Adepts through this tradition. Mankind is meant to evolve to higher forms of existence. Many people live on Earth, all will die, but currently only a few have acquired enough wisdom and practical knowledge of the ancient teachings of Hermetic Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Hermetic Gnosticism, Hermetic Alchemy and related sources of cosmic wisdom, to use death as a steppingstone for further transformation and evolution.

Mystery Schools teach the sincere aspirant a way to eternal life. Once the personality is transformed and balanced, the Quintessence — the fifth element — can incarnate in the aspirant; The contact to the Higher Self becomes established. Reaching the Higher Mysteries means the conscious ritualistic experience of death without dying physically. The EGO dies, faith becomes certainty, and the vehicle (body) for the higher world is formed.

All people die and so will you — regardless of whether you are a religious person or an atheist, no matter if you are poor or rich, healthy or ill, single or married. You will most certainly pass on from this life, and so will your family, friends and everybody else that you know right now. Don’t waste your life in ignorance.

Only self-knowledge, the knowledge of the true origin behind your existence will set you free.