The dawn of the aquarian age

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Elias Rubenstein

We are living in the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius. This is the Age that has long been heralded as the time when the Brotherhood of Man will become a reality for all mankind. Every Age is approximately 2100 years long. The Sun has been whirling through the heavens in its cycle through a part that we call Pisces but now it has moved to the area called Aquarius.

The whole Solar System has just entered into a stream of energy that is affecting our earth in a particular way. This new energy is making it possible for all kinds of consciousness wherever it is in the Galaxy to progress toward much higher levels of consciousness. These energies are bringing about a new development of consciousness to all those members of humanity who are able to make use of them. Those of us who are able to take these stronger rates of vibration are the ones who will go on into a complete Brotherhood of Man era. Those who are not yet able to comprehend and assimilate these energies will be sent to the next planetary “hospital” to evolve at a slower rate and await another opportunity.

That is why there has been such a population explosion at this time. It has just been in the last few hundred years that we have been able to start working intensely toward this new era. It is up to those like you and me, who aspire to higher levels of awareness to take the responsibility to see that we get enough of this new energy going so that fewer of our human brothers will be left behind. We will need to help those who are below us on the Path to attain enough awareness of Reality that they will be able to evolve with the New Age.

The few of us who have attained enough individuality so that the mass mind does not push us around with hatreds and delusions of separateness must unify our efforts to bring in the energies that will help others overcome the negative, deluded aspects of our planetary consciousness. We have been preparing for this particular consciousness for a long time. We must work toward making our bodies more aware and sensitive to the vibrational forces which are coming in from other parts of the universe. We should remember that we are not just living on this planet nor are we just a participant in a particular life wave but we are One with the World Soul and we are part of a Solar System which is really our larger body. Beyond this we can see ourselves as an aspect of a Galaxy and on into the entire universe. We need to consider these relationships in order to better understand what we are and what it is that is the goal of life on this planet.

The Aquarian Age cycle that has already begun has brought with it a new type of energy. There is a focus of cosmic rays connected with this cycle which make us more open to the kind of consciousness that exists in higher life waves that have evolved beyond that of this planet This is part of the New Age Plan.

There are many on the planet who are working on other phases of this plan. Many still think that the Ageless Wisdom is to be found only in the East. This is not the case as the Western presentation of Ageless Wisdom, particularly adapted to the needs and constitution of Western races, has always been highly organised. Our work is not for everyone. It is for those who have reached a point where they are ready and willing to work diligently toward a better understanding of their own nature and that of others.

Western Training school centers are aimed at helping us to overcome our own Karma as well as to becoming such strong centers within our own being that we can help transmute the World Soul through our actions and knowledge.
Aquarius is the age of the Great Transmutation. For thousands of years it has been represented as the peculiar sign of man. This is definitely a time of change. The rulers of Aquarius are Uranus and Saturn. The Uranian influence helps us to accept and adapt to change. For some time to come there will be wars and rumors of wars and there is undoubtedly a great period of testing and trial not far distant. This will be a purging time which will probably bring terror and sorrow to many while it lasts. But even these events will ultimately be recognized by mankind as part of the Great Work.

Change is often difficult during the transitional period. We feel that all our securities are being taken from us. Traditions that we have held dear are swept away. Yet change is the basis of all progress and evolution. Change will be easier for us if we can see ourselves as Light in Motion, if we can begin to image ourselves in terms of light or vibration. We will then create an image of more pliability and will thus be making the dissipation of old patterns and integration of new ones easier. We have the next 2,000 years to accomplish this true brotherhood in all its perfection. It is our responsibility to do all that we can now to help bring this about. The brotherhood of humanity can be achieved only by those individuals who have arrived at a place in their growth where they truly feel the unity of all mankind.