The power of Hermetic groups

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The Power of Hermetic Groups

A. Wolf (2016)

One major truth is, that the whole system of cosmic evolution and, thus, all Hermetic Teachings and Mystery Schools are based on groups of people. This is not a path that an individual can go alone. A group of people who constantly work together and focus on these higher principles of life will form a powerful group consciousness, which will form a large vessel for the inflow of these hidden higher cosmic energies.

Once you realise that the key to achieving everything on this path is through connecting with other people and forming strong groups, then you have a clear picture of what you should focus on.

Listening to Hermetic Talks and reading Hermetic Scriptures gives you the opportunity to receive information and ideas that go beyond the scope of the ideas that you had previously. One new thought can change everything in your life. This is a profound opportunity for getting in touch which this timeless wisdom.

Yet, the true path only starts when you truly take part in this powerful tradition. Studying in the Hermetic Academy is the ticket for opening new doors. Studying in the Hermetic Academy and taking part in practical Hermetic Ceremonies and Hermetic Meditations from the Western Mystery Tradition is exponentially more effective for one’s evolutionary growth than only listening to talks. There is a tremendous difference that can be observed between the person who only deals on an intellectual level with these teachings and someone who is connected through this ancient reservoir of energy that is the Western Mystery Tradition… it’ s tremendous.

In order to achieve what you seek, you need a group with a consistent number of people. It’s all about people who regularly come together in order to form a group consciousness. What a group can achieve is so much more powerful than what an individual can achieve. Your focus should be on connecting with people who also start to study in the Hermetic Academy.

The Masters of Evolution are only interested in groups. Hermetik International is like a giant group consciousness that consists of smaller groups, like cells in a body. A group of a few people who meet regularly is the minimum form of group consciousness that must exist in order for true spiritual work with higher forces and energies to be possible. Thus forms a strong group consciousness, capable of accessing ever more powerful teachings and methods of practice.

Keep this in mind: It’s not about how many people are interested in Hermeticism, but solely about how many people you can connect with who will go on this path together with you consistently in the future. Practical Hermetic methods can be given and used by groups with proper guidance by teachers of an authentic Mystery School like Hermetik International.

The hurdle is so low: a small monthly fee for study will repay itself many times over. You become part of a Mystery Tradition that exists on various levels of existence; this the very thing that preserves your soul beyond death. Hermetik International is like the outer visible shell of something that exceeds our imagination, and that cannot be expressed with words. The problem is not the symbolic small monthly fee, but people not understanding the importance of going such a path. Hermetic-Kabbalistic Scriptures, like the Zohar, already explain in detail why mankind should start to learn and understand the bigger picture of existence beyond this short material life that we live here.

No group, no evolution.

No evolution, no salvation.