The secret knowledge of mysteries

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The Secret Knowledge of Mysteries

Elias Rubenstein

The belief in extraordinary forces is as old as humanity itself. From 700 BC to 400 AD., more than a millennium, mysteries have been the focus of different high civilizations, as also in Egypt. In the country of the Nile, the mysteries have been the fundament of human concerns and needs for more than 3000 years. In ancient Greek, Roman and Persian Empire the mysteries have not only been a small religious side issue but the center of human life. The entire culture was directed towards the mysteries. Notable mysteries include especially those of Dionysos, Mithras and Eleusis – all of equal greatness and significance. Their essence was donated and offered a bridge for each individual to inner realms.

The priests of that time were in high dignity and reputation, their advice and influence was appreciated. These High Priests, unlike many religious leaders knew what they were talking of. They had the contact and have been the guardians of the doctrine. Many of today’s political and economic wrong decisions could be avoided by the Council of such High Priests. Turning away from the mysteries had its price. Religious exoteric faith communities have replaced the mysteries. The façade remained, but without higher contact, a meaningless shell. Accordingly, the results of this attitude show: misinterpreted commandments as well as worshiping of idols until present time.

In fact, the mysteries are an entirely secret study. Longstanding, this occult knowledge has been carefully shielded from populace. Few have been favored by fortune to come into contact with the guardians of these invaluable treasures. The average man himself was and is still immature to learn this knowledge. If the guardians of the mysteries would offer these treasures an unprepared audience, then they would make themselves to the target of mockery and attacks, they would be misunderstood rather than being appreciated and respected as benefactors of mankind. These doctrines are revealed only to those who have proven their determination to dedicate themselves to such a degree by their lifestyles.

The student is prepared to receive the occult teachings only if the sigil of the mysteries has sealed his lips, and if he has overcome his own weaknesses and indiscretion. It is not possible to impart the occult science with all its secrets via written or oral instructions. Otherwise it would be possible to publish a handbook, which could be imparted the same way as school lessons.

There is a widespread mistaking that adepts deliberately keep their abilities shrouded in mystery or wish to keep it only for themselves and refuse passing it on. Once a student has reached the stage of enlightenment these mysteries are relevant to him. Only then the student is inwardly prepared and receptive to grasp the lessons. Until then, neither lectures nor discussions or books are suitable to impart this.

Meditation, study of sacred scripts, rituals, the pureness of thoughts and words as well as the deeds, the control of animal-like passions and the selfless motivation can lead to the coveted target under the supervision of an adept. The student is able to grow and learn only by practical trial and error. The initiator is not able to do much more than guiding the student inwardly by his compassion and higher consciousness and thus, enabling him to access the inner light. Thus, the initiator shoulders many inconveniences and suffering through and for his students. His service is to build a bridge to the student and thus, he aligns with the student.

It is otiose to note that the mental state of the student and teacher differ fundamentally. The greater the forces of the adept, the less he is in harmony with the profane represented by his students at this level. Since the student is occasionally still affected by the influences of the outer hypnosis, he can only be selfish or worst case even brutal. The purer the adept, the more difficult it becomes for him to take over this duty. The training can take place only gradually. The highest secrets would sound like nonsense for the ignorant. Therefore adepts prefer to remain silent about such issues. The wise usually uses words that can convey either a true or a false impression. The former refers to their students and children, while the latter refers to the ignorant, foolish and unworthy.

Wise men beware of making a false assertion. Misinterpretations are due to those who misunderstand the respective meaning by virtue of their ignorance and slow-wittedness. The student will gradually be prepared for the higher truths and attuned. In some cases, this may take several decades, or possibly even incarnations. It is undoubtedly a bold venture to pass on more knowledge to somebody than he is able to grasp. Such knowledge would be disastrous for both the student as well as his personal and direct environment. Similarly, one could give a powerful modern weapon in the hands of a native and wait and see what will happen.

The misuse of knowledge by the students has also always fatal consequences for the initiator. Since what is experienced within the mystery, affects more than just the life in this world. It is also about what awaits you after the mundane life. The mysteries neither raise a claim on improving life, nor the world in general, but they elevate the initiate out of the linkages and the imprisonments of the world. Through his attachment to earthly life the seeker normally misjudges, what it is really about in the Mysteries. Even the many offered esoteric ways primarily deal with the arrangements of this world.

But the initiate of the Mysteries has a different, broader vision on this physical world in its numerous entanglements. In the ancient Mysteries it was crucial to be prepared for death, in order to experience birth on a higher level of consciousness. Death was thus the climax of the Mystery.

The Egyptian and Tibetan Book of the Dead display what awaits man after death. It shows which kind of conditions he has to fulfill and features ways to enable him pacing through the heavenly gate. In Western society, death is a completely taboo subject. Most people die in an unworthy and noisy environment of a hospital or care home. The support of the dying is often neglected due to ignorance and fear of death. Everything related to death is suppressed and hidden. Many people feel haunted by the shade of death; death overwhelms them as a result of dark forces of evil. The mysteries drop the darkness, so heaven is visible. Once the murky clouds of ignorance fade, you gain access to the conscious experience of the higher unity.