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The regional groups of the Hermetic Academy hold public “Meet & Greet” events several times throughout the year. These events provide an opportunity for guests and anyone interested to meet personally and converse with students and those who lead the Hermetic Academy. The Hermetic Academy preserves the wise teachings of the Western mystery tradition, which consists of three Hermetic-Kabbalistic pillars: study, meditation, and ritual.


The flame of initiation, which connects people with the light of Hermeticism, is traditionally passed on through initiatory rites. Through initiation, the aspirant becomes a member of a society of people who have access to experiences outside the reach of an outsider. Theoretical and practical preparation is necessary before a candidate can be approved for participation in these activities.

This preparatory phase is known as “Pronaos.” Pronaos is a Greek word which describes an entryway to a temple — in this case, a special opportunity to take part in Hermetic rituals and meditations. Pronaos groups exist in those cities where authentic and authorized initiatory temples are located. Events which offer an appropriate preparation for the path of initiation take place in other cities as well. The aspirant in Pronaos participates in Hermetic rituals which are an especially effective tool for the unfolding of the consciousness. Aftewards, when the aspirant returns to his everyday life, he is able to bring more light into the world. Students receive more information about the necessary requirements in the respective regional groups.


The most powerful tool in the Western mystery tradition is the path of initiation. The initiation ritual connects the person with the hidden light of Hermeticism. The purpose of initiation is the spiritual unfolding and development of a moral and ethical lifestyle. Students of the Hermetic Academy have the opportunity to apply for the path of initiation of an authentic and authorized school of mysteries.

As soon as my application has been approved by the College of the Hermetic Academy and my tuition fee has been received, I will receive my login information via email for the Hermetic Academy. In the event my application is unable to be approved, I will receive a confidential notification and my tuition fee will be refunded. Processing of the application takes about 14 days. I can end my studies at the Hermetic Academy at any time without obligation to provide a reason.


Hermetic Kabbbalah Initiatory Grades