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Several times a year, the regional city groups of the Hermetic Academy host public lectures and informational evenings. On such occasions guests and those interested may enquire about the wisdom teachings of Hermeticism, and make contact with students and those persons behind the Hermetic Academy. The Hermetic Academy preserves the wisdom teachings of the Western Mystery Tradition, which is based on the three hermetic-kabbalistic columns of study, meditation and ritual.


The Hermetic temple ceremony regularly takes place in the regional city groups. It combines ritual, meditation and study. The guided group meditations combine the secret doctrine of symbol, color, sound and hermetic words of power. Students may receive further information at their respective city group.


The most powerful tool of the Western mystery tradition is the path of initiation. The ritual initiation connects man with the hidden light of hermetics. Theurgy (Greek: θεουργία, “God’s work”) is the so-called “secret doctrine” or arcane art indicated in the Holy Scriptures. The goal of the theurgy is the purification, liberation and salvation of the soul through sacred rites and practices. Theurgy opens man to the divine soul, symbolized by the descending Holy Dove (Holy Spirit) at the baptism of Christ by John the Baptist. The meaning of initiation is the spiritual development and the development of a moral life style. Students of the Hermetic Academy have the opportunity to apply for the hermetic path of initiation of an authorized and authentic mystery school.


Hermetic Kabbbalah Initiatory Grades